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e have taken off again and that means a new blog! Where to begin? At the time of writing our first blog posts, a few days before Christmas, we were taking care of a British couple’s house and their tiny sausage dog in Hong Kong while they went to the UK for Christmas. The first words were put on paper in the sun on a terrace in Sai Kung, HK.

A glass of wine on the table, Belgian speculoos cookies at hand, left a sea view, right a mountain view, and down at our feet a view on a little dog (who is clearly hoping that we drop a cookie). There are worse places in the world to set up our – second – travel blog. For our travels in 2010 you can click here (only available in Dutch – but you can always click the photo galleries on the right hand side of each story). Or search by country by clicking one of the country names on the right hand side.

It has been 4 years, since we returned from our first long trip of more than a year. After we got home, we kept on toying with the idea to travel again for a longer period of time in the future. “Just married”, it struck us as the ideal moment to get back on the road. And honeymoon upgrades are always a nice to have ;-). Furthermore, once our own little ones are running around, taking off will be even more difficult. But you never know of course.

Thus it happened, two months ago we quit our jobs, sold our furniture, packed what was left of our worldly possessions in boxes and took off again. With only a backpack, a lot of curiosity and loads of free time on our hands and endless surprises waiting around the corner.

It took some time to get used to the new rhythm, but now we are back in business and we hope to be able to post blogs on a regular basis. We would like to post our blogs in Dutch and English and take on a bigger scope than last time. What will you, among others, find on this blog? Stories about our last big world trip, stories about Brussels, Belgian restaurants and food, stories about our many (city)trips of the past years, and first and foremost stories about our current world trip of course. But be patient, because it does take some time. And we have to experience new adventures, before we distill them into a blog.

So stay tuned and have fun reading … and traveling and eating.

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We love exploring, writing stories, housesitting, but especially love having no plans, enjoying small things, travelling and eating. So that's how we now live.