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Brussels: food truck Urban Cook

Sometimes we really feel like eating some comfort food from home. Today we really feel like a hamburger from Urban Cook. Our favorite foodtruck in Belgium!

Succulent hamburgers, worth a big detour, (and inspiring cravings for it in Asia). You get a soft brioche style bun, with a delicious patty of Blanc Blue Belge beef baked to perfection. Our favorite is the “Roc”, BBB patty with baked endives (witloof) and roquefort sauce (not too strongly flavoured for those who don’t like blue cheeses). You also have versions with bacon, cheese, foie gras, and even vegetarian ones (haven’t tried those last ones though).

You can also order delicious potato wedges on the side. To top it all off the burgers are packaged in the most innovative and environmentally friendly burger-wrapping we’ve seen so far.

They usually move locations each day, but during festivities, such as the Christmas market, they stay stationary for a longer period of time. If you go hunting for this food truck in Brussels you can always pass by our old place near the Munt opera-house in the city centre, you can even stay there through airbnb (click here to book our former place)! 

Enjoy!!! And do have one extra for us.

Address: Urban Cook is a fast moving food truck, just follow it around and get to know all the markets and food events in Brussels. Check out their website here to locate them now.