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Walk & eat in Dansaert

One of our favorite walks takes us to the Dansaert neighborhood in Brussels.

Start with sipping a delicious shot of caffeine at the coffee-bar “Or” in the Ortsstraat. You will need it, this neighborhood will keep you on your feet for a long time! Shop till you drop in the Dansaert street, the Léon Lepage street, or in the quirky Kartuizer/Chartreux street. The little one’s can be clothed fashionably at “Kat & Muis”, somewhat expensive maybe, but window shopping is free. And you can always come back when they have sales.

Lunch can be had standing at the fabulous fish-bar of the “Noordzee/Mer du Nord” on the Katelijneplein/Place Catherine (do give the staff a tip, and see what happens). Buy some chocolates at Frederic Blondeel, drink a glass of delicious wine to whet your appetite at “Pepete et Ronron”. If you are looking for some shade, try the leafy outside seating of “De Markten”.

De Noordzee fish-bar” remains one of our all time favorites in Brussels. We both spent quite some time there, sometimes even for a late breakfast in the weekend. Just order a few little plates of seafood and munch & share away. Often you have to queue and you’ll have to manage to grab the staff’s attention so you can place your order. If you have a beautiful lady with you, things do speed up significantly. As soon as one of your dishes is cooked/fried/seared to perfection, they shout out your name. If you don’t react immediately, don’t be surprised to have your name suddenly reverberate through the airwaves by megaphone. Do try the fried fish “kibbelingen”, the delicious shrimp croquettes, seared tuna or swordfish à la plancha, razorclams, fish-soup, etc… Well, just try it all!! And do accompany it with a glass of white wine. Great in sumer, but as much fun with a warm coat and comfy scarf in the wintertime. And why not take a fresh little fish or a ready-made seafood dish home for the evening (the fish-bar is even open on Sunday, the fish shop isn’t). 

If you feel like a home cooked lunch, dinner or a weekend brunch, you can always drop by “Les Filles (if you can find the nondescript door and ring the bell). For about 19-25 EUR you get: multiple starters and a delicious homemade main served buffet-style often in big steaming casseroles. Followed by some dessert and cheese if you weren’t stuffed already. You dine on long communal tables and eat from grandmother-style china. Ideal for winter days with the family. 

When you feel thirsty you have many options: you can drink a beer (e.g., geuze “Oud Beersel”) in the coolest jazzbar in Brussels the “Archiduc”, or in “De Markten”, or “Barbeton” or on the cocktail hotspot St. Goriks-square. 

We will definitely post more restaurant tips on this great foody neighborhood. If you are looking for something a bit fancier, do try restaurant “Henri” (if you manage to get a table).

If you still have some room for a little snack or dessert, the Breton pancake specialist “Le Crachin has a few heartwarming wintry pleasures. Especially the crêpes au caramel au beurre salé are to die for.

It is very easy to fill day after day hunting things out in this great neighborhood. We will definitely blog some more about it in the future!

Addresses: (but do walk around and get lost, there is something fun everywhere in this area – Dansaertstraat, Katelijneplein, Oude graanmarkt, Vlaamse steenweg, Sint-Goriksplein, Léon Lepagestraat, … )

Frederic Blondeel: Baksteenkaai 24, 1000 Brussels

De Noordee: Sint-Katelijnestraat 45, 1000 Brussels

Les Filles: Oude Graanmarkt 46, 1000 Brussels (ring the bell to get buzzed in)

Pepete et Ronron: Léon Lepagestraat 53, 1000 Brussels

Restaurant Henri: Vlaamse steenweg 113, 1000 Brussels

Le Crachin: Vlaamse steenweg 12, 1000 Brussels

L’ Archiduc: Antoine Dansaertstraat 6, 1000 Brussels

De Markten: Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels

Barbeton: Antoine Dansaertstraat 114, 1000 Brussels