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Malaysia & Singapore: all of Asia on one plate


alaysia and Singapore are both very special because they are such a melting pot of cultures: Malay, Chinese, Indians, Buddhists Hindu’s Moslims, Christians, etc…. This means colourful and diverse cities and festivals, but also a lot of delicious and varied food on your plate. (Read here more about Malaysia, here about Singapore and here about Thaipusam festival.)

Both in Malaysia and in Singapore you can find the best dishes at the best prices in the food markets/hawker centers. On these markets you can find a collection of food stalls and a huge variety of yummy goodness. The only difference between the food markets in Malaysia and those in Singapore is that the latter are a little more refined, maybe a little more Chinese, and of course a lot more regulated.

Of course we checked out quite a lot of different food markets and we went there for all our main meals. However, we still have a lot of them to try out.

What will we eat today? Fresh Chinese Dumplings? The best ones are without a doubt those filled with a little bit of soup, first you have to punch a hole to drink the soup and then you can eat the steaming hot dumpling. Or Hainan chicken? Often in a value meal menu with Hainan Chicken, rice, chicken soup and some sides. Often the best deal to be had. Or maybe a typical Malaysian Laksa? A type of fishy curry soup with noodles. A speciality, but not really something Kate enjoys. Or maybe a tasty noodle soup with chicken or pork? Or maybe a saté with peanut sauce? Or Southern Indian roti tisu or a dirt cheap roti canai? The former is a big thin roti fried till crunchy and sprinkeled with copious amounts of sugar, the latter a fluffy southern indian roti with a little bit of lentil curry. Or a Kaya Toast? A toast with butter and coconut jam. Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaves is definitely something to have once in a while. This is a typical Malay speciality with coconut rice, curry, peanuts and dried anchovies. Or maybe a Sichuan style Ma Po Tofu or aubergine or chicken claypot, or fried tofu stuffed vegetables. Or Indian Fish head curry? Or go for the complete Malaysian fusion delicacies of the Baba Nonya cuisine. Or what would that be? Or that? And that looks tasty as well… the options are almost limitless and we often walk around several times before we make a decision.

In short, let it all go and order whatever you feel like. And if something isn’t to your liking, don’t worry it will definitely not break the bank. Just keep on ordering till you have found your favourite. It is more than worth it!

Walk with us past the food stalls and work up an appetite while flipping through our photo’s. What would you pick?