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Cambodia !

Cambodia is of course not only to be found in the “Pearl of Asia” (Phnom Penh), in the temples of Angkor or in your plate. In between the famous stones lays a mesmerizing landscape, where you can discover the real Cambodia. To read more: click on the picture or title.

Cambodia & history

Cambodia has definitely made its mark in the history books. It has been both the stage for some of the brightest periods in South-East Asian history, but sadly also one of the darkest. To read more: click on the picture or title.

Cambodja !

Cambodia is natuurlijk niet enkel te vinden in de parel van Azië (Phnom Penh), in de tempels van Angkor of in je bord. Tussen de bekende stenen ligt ook een wondermooi landschap, waar je het echte Cambodia kan ontdekken. Klik op foto of titel om verder te lezen.